Jump in heart attacks seen with 'Spring Forward' time change

“Spring forward!” It’s such a positive-sounding name for losing an hour of sleep.

On the surface, losing 60 minutes by moving our clocks ahead doesn’t seem significant, but the American College of Cardiology study showed a 25 percent jump in the number of heart attacks that happen on the Monday after we “Spring Forward” compared to other Mondays during the year.

“It’s a surprising finding and the history of the finding is interesting as well. There are a few countries that have Daylight Saving Time and a few countries that don’t. So, people just looked at this natural experiment,” said Dr. Ameya Kulkarni, a cardiologist at Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic.

That small change in our sleep schedule combined with the stress of a new week could put you at a higher risk if you’re an adult.

“We don’t see any increased risk of sudden cardiac death or severe disease or illness with children and Daylight Saving Time. It’s just the grumpiness, the crankiness, the refusing to go to bed at their normal bedtime because it’s light outside,” explained Dr. Adrienne Collier, chief of pediatrics at Kaiser Permanente.

Dr. Collier told ABC7 News reporter Victoria Sanchez that just because the time change happens in one night, don’t expect the same for your kids’ sleep schedules.

“For some children, they might be able to adjust in three days, for others it may take one to two weeks,” she said.

So, what does Dr. Kulkarni think about getting rid of the time change?

“That’s a great idea!” he said with a laugh.


Originally published on WJLA.

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